How To Use Twitter For Branding Purposes

Twitter has been used by many famous figures to brand themselves among the community. It doesn’t matter whether people already know you or you want to get famous, you can harness the power of twitter to effectively brand yourself. Here’s how:

Be active. If you are new to twitter, search up some hash tags and join the conversation on some local communities and in no time people will know about you. You job is to provide valuable content and serve the community and people will naturally follow you.

Promote yourself on other websites. If you already have a following on your website, blog or Facebook fan page, you can encourage people to follow you on Twitter and invite others to follow you as well.

Create a customized Twitter background for yourself. You can put up contact details, accomplishments, links to your websites etc on your twitter background and anybody who sees your background will get a better sense and idea of who you are and what you do.

Organize events. Do you want to be remembered by others as the person who started that great competition? A famous singer songwriter and artist almost exploded her traffic by starting a tweeting competition for finishing a song she was working on.

Take a stand. Polarize your business or your community with a certain view and attract like- minded followers. Better still, invite people from the opposite viewpoint to join the conversation and create huge hype and buzz in your community. That way, more people will know about you and what you stand for.

In short, Twitter can be an extremely powerful branding tool if you know how to play your cards right. Be careful of what you tweet as your business twitter account represents your brand and can affect what people think of your business.

Image credit Peggy_Marco at Pixabay.